Villa OREA - A Symphony of Perfection

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  • 4.9 m high entrance hall with 8.5 m wide aquarium
  • Cascading staircase over four floors with views of the countryside
  • Internal lift exiting onto the roof garden
  • Green roof terrace, natural stone paths and patios, robotic lawn mower
  • Outdoor kitchen with gas grill and Tepanyaki
  • 7.5 m high closed garage with three spaces
  • Kitchen with teppanyaki, wok and induction stove, steamer, vacuum and warming drawer
  • Loungebar with two wine fridges, coffee maker, water and ice dispenser
  • Master bedroom with Corian bathtub built into the window ledge, shower with massage jets
  • Steam shower (Effegibi) in the roof construction
  • Pool deck and swimming pool with counter current system and mini pool (whirlpool)